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It is said that these remedies are especially suitable for quick results in Kaliyuga as the traditional methods viz. The remedies are as easy in throwing something in running water or establishing something in home. It is advisable to stop performing remedies immediately if you observer any negative side effects.

However, years together involvement and encounter with this book, we are of the opinion that number of the astrologers who are having good command and sound knowledge in this field is negligible. Due to unavailability of authentic knowledge, people are being misguided by the crooks who want to take advantage of the prevailing confusing environment.

Kindly check the book resources section for more details, if you wish to learn it. From the aesthetic point of view among creation of human beings vastu..

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Insights in Nadis. This book is the best in the predictive astrology books available today and deals with the individual characteristics, education, profession, family life, diseases etc. The author has given the results based on the placement of each planet in one of the four pada, which can be understood even by a layman with the help of a computerized horoscope. The reader will find that he is really reading his own happenings in his life.

Mystical Formulae Part 1 - Mantras. This book deals with some rare mantras useful for the mankind. These are the mantras for the health, wealth and peace. The best part of these books is the explanation given for the origin of sounds and how each mantra is made out. Use the mantras and yantras given in these two books if you have overcome Kaama passion or desire , Krodha anger and Moha illusion or infatuation. Shubhakaran is the author of Book title "Nakshatra Based Predictions with Mystical Formulae Part 2 - Yantras.

This book deals with yantras. Bhaargava Naadika. The title Bhaargava Naadika indicates that the book is based on the Naadi system of prediction prevalent in the Southern states of India. Dasa results mentioned in this book are similar to Vimshottari system of Dasa predictions. One of the most important features of this book is that the results are given for Pratyantar Dasa, Sookshma Dasa and Praana Dasa of Temporarily Out of Stock. A complete reader on Medical astrology. The book deals with the application of Indian astrology to Medical aspects and treatment of diseases and relates them to principles of Indian astrology.

More than case studies are analysed in detail. A complete text book on Medical Astrology. Contains extensive chapters on remdial measures as praticed in astrology as well. First volume, Concepts and case studies -in Medical Astrology -- Starting with the Basic concepts of Indian astrology as relevant Second volume - Remedial measures in Medical astrology starts with different types of diseases and how the astrological remedies Chidambaram Iyer.

Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira 2 Volumes. The Brihat-Samhita by Varaha Mihira is an encylopedia of wide ranging subjects of human interest, including astrology, planetary movements, eclipses, rainfall, clouds, architecture, growth of crops, matrimony, domestic relations, gems, pearls and rituals. It contains one hundred and six chapters.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev. The Art of Interpreting Horoscopes. India has always been an astrological society but at some point of time in the early part of the 20th century, the educated began to develop a certain distaste for this ancient science, largely because of the educational system in the country which distanced itself from the traditional branches of learning under a mistaken notion that by doing so, it was proving its rational credetials. However astrology has stood the test of time and in recent years has made a resurgence. This has swept away Ashtamangala Prasna: Hoarary in Indian Astrology.

An important branch of Indian Astrology. A complete detailed study of the Ashtamangalaprasna has been undertaken in this volume. The book goes in detail about the intricacies of conducting an Ashta mangala prasna, selecting and analysing the aroodta, its revelation of various details during the prasna, solution to various day to day problems, diseases, etc.

A Course In Indian Astrology. In the present book the materials have been arranged in simple style comprising of smaller units in a systematic and comprehensive manner to enable the learner to learn the South Indian system of astrology. The book has been well illustrated with examples and charts and tables for the easy understa nding of the fundamental concepts. Well arranged tables and exercises takes the learner through to the various concepts of Indian System of Astrology. North Indian and South Indian system of charts Swami Vijnananda.

Brihat Jatakam of Varaha Mihira. This Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira is generally considered all over India as one of the best and most authoritative treatises on the science of Hindu Horoscopy.

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In fact, Varaha Mihira is recognized as the greatest to the Indian astrologers. There are four commentaries on this work. The well-known is that of Bhatta Utpala; another is known as Subodhini; the third is Mudraksari and the fourth is known as Sripatiyam.

The commentary of Bhatta Utpala is followed in this work. The author has written Gulika in Astrology.


Gulika is a sensitive point in the Zodiac emerging at different points on different days. The present book makes an in-depth of study of Gulika and its various aspects based on the classics of Indian and Kerala Astrology, like Prasnamarga, Phaladeepika etc.

by Bhakti Seva

Extensively quoted with Sanskrit texts in Devanagari. This is a compendium of all relevant material available on Gulika. The only study of Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs. Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs is the first book of its kind based on research oriented papers. These days when marriages are turning to be just a contract of convenience, the institution as a whole is falling a prey to objectivism. Adherance to our ancient cultural heritage and to get acquainted with planetary influences on marital affairs so as to get the best choice and avail the real bliss of the nuptial knot is the need of the hour.

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The theme of the book is to educate our Joni Patry. How to Make Money via Astrology.

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